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Encouraging Layered Artworks with Little Artists

Encouraging layered artworks for littles is a great way to: Expose your little artist to a variety of materials.Save paper (especially that spendy high quality watercolor paper).Facilitate the creation of a more “finished” looking product at the end of several child-led process art sessions, without adult interference.Teach the skill of leaving a project and coming… Continue reading Encouraging Layered Artworks with Little Artists

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Painting with Blackberries

I don’t think autumn process art gets any better than this! This is suitable play for any age. It is taste safe for babies and sensory satisfying for all, adults included. Blackberries are in season in the Pacific Northwest of the US, so we brought some watercolor paper and brushes with us on our morning… Continue reading Painting with Blackberries

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Wet on Wet Watercolor with Autumn Colors

This process based art play is a great way for your 1-6 year old to experience color without focusing on line and shape. This painting method is used in Waldorf schools around the world. The wet paint dances across the wet paper beautifully as the young artist leads its movement. I set out some form… Continue reading Wet on Wet Watercolor with Autumn Colors

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Painting and Printmaking with Legos

This process based art play is a great way for your 2-6 year old to play with printmaking and color and experiment with painting using something other than a paintbrush. Materials 3-5 different washable tempera colors on a sponge in a bowl with a bit of water or dispensed straight on paperLEGO piecesBig paper taped… Continue reading Painting and Printmaking with Legos

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Rainy Day Art Play

Don’t let rain clouds get in the way of having messy, artsy fun outside! This process based art play will keep your little artist so engaged outdoors they won’t want to come back in. Materials Coffee filtersMarkersFood or soap dyeVinegarCornstarchPuddles Step One: Decorate Coffee Filters Cover coffee filters with washable marker art. Step Two: Go… Continue reading Rainy Day Art Play

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Roll Painting!

Okay, folks, this painting method is just about as fun as it gets! It is surprisingly low mess, sensory satisfying, and results in some beautiful products. Your 1.5+ kiddos will love this project—and babies will love to watch! Clay beads in motion Materials A shallow cardboard box with sides (the tray under our sparkling water… Continue reading Roll Painting!

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10 Ways to Play with Paint

Kids love painting. It is such a versatile way to engage the senses and help your child learn and thrive. Your child will grow their fine motor skills, expand their knowledge of color, deepen their understanding of cause and effect and learn to self regulate big emotions when they find engaging with the act of… Continue reading 10 Ways to Play with Paint

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Hack for Painting and Gluing with Little Artists

Before your little artist’s fine motor skills are top notch, painting and gluing can be frustrating and messy for both child and parent. Giving ample opportunity to practice is important, but you can take the pressure off sometimes by using this method. A sponge in a bowl (or even better, airtight container with a lid)… Continue reading Hack for Painting and Gluing with Little Artists