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Hack for Painting and Gluing with Little Artists

Before your little artist’s fine motor skills are top notch, painting and gluing can be frustrating and messy for both child and parent. Giving ample opportunity to practice is important, but you can take the pressure off sometimes by using this method.

A sponge in a bowl (or even better, airtight container with a lid) with watered down paint and/or watered down white glue will cut down on a lot of mess when facilitating art making with 2-6 year olds.

This set up isn’t right for every project and/or every skill level, but when it is, it is amazing! When I taught kindergarten art, using this method for collage process saved me a lot of time cleaning glue off the tables from 28 little artists each hour!

I hope this small tip helps make the creation of art with littles easier in your home. Have fun!

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