Autumn, Nature Play, Paint Play

Painting with Blackberries

I don’t think autumn process art gets any better than this! This is suitable play for any age. It is taste safe for babies and sensory satisfying for all, adults included. Blackberries are in season in the Pacific Northwest of the US, so we brought some watercolor paper and brushes with us on our morning… Continue reading Painting with Blackberries

Beading, Clay Play, Color Play, Nature Play

Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

I’ve been wanting to try this out for weeks, and I’m so happy we did. This process was FUN and it worked so well! Mixing the pigments into the clay was a process hands of many ages would enjoy. Air dry clay and ground charcoal Air dry clay and turmeric Air dry clay and paprika… Continue reading Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

Nature Play, Play Dough

Mud and Sand Play Doughs

Making your own high quality play dough is easy and fun. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is a great version to start with! Mud play dough, sand play dough and blue ecoslime This play dough invitation is great for your 3+ kiddos. Loose parts can be modified to make appropriate for 1.5+. I’ve… Continue reading Mud and Sand Play Doughs

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Bioplastic Funglasses

This is an intermediate level way to play with bioplastic. Because of a few tricky components, I would say this project is best done with your 6+ year olds. If you’re looking for a bioplastic craft to do with littles, try suncatchers, stained glass or flowers. Since we discovered bioplastic, it has opened up a… Continue reading Bioplastic Funglasses

Bioplastic, Color Play, Crafts, Nature Play

Bioplastic Stained Glass

Since we discovered bioplastic, it has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities. This is one of the easiest, most versatile methods to create lasting artworks. This project is suitable for artists as young as two, although the young ones will need lots of help handling the hot bioplastic mixture. Materials Gelatin powderBoiling… Continue reading Bioplastic Stained Glass

Bioplastic, Crafts, Nature Play, Recipes, Sculpture Play

Bioplastic Suncatchers

One of my favorite accounts on Instagram, @muddly_puddly is a master of bioplastic creations, and we finally got around to trying it out ourselves. Bioplastic suncatchers by @muddly_puddly This is one of the easiest, most versatile methods to create lasting artworks, and we are officially obsessed! Bioplastic butterfly by @muddly_puddly To create your own bioplastic… Continue reading Bioplastic Suncatchers

Nature Play, Sculpture Play

Kinetic Leaf Snake Sculpture

This fun and engaging nature play will keep your 3+ kiddos tinkering away outside for hours. We used this process to build a kinetic cardboard snake a few weeks ago, and while on our morning walk today Mr. Almost Four and I were inspired to try out the same process on these flat, durable leaves.… Continue reading Kinetic Leaf Snake Sculpture

Nature Play, Pure Process Play, Sensory Play, Summer

Nature Kitchen

“Cooking” with nature loose parts is a great process for your 2+ kiddos. This can be modified for the under 2 set, but they require more hands on help from their caregivers, depending on your comfort level with nature tasting. The mud kitchen is one of our favorite ways to play outside. It’s such a… Continue reading Nature Kitchen