Collage Play, Mother’s Day, Paint Play

Mother’s Day Cards with Wet on Wet Watercolor

We always make a special card for the very best mamas/grandmas in our lives for Mother’s Day. We live far away from our dearest loved ones, so it’s extra important to us that they get something special in the mail for Mother’s Day. Beautiful cards for our favorite moms This project has several layers and… Continue reading Mother’s Day Cards with Wet on Wet Watercolor

Color Play, Paint Play, Painting Objects, Sensory Play

Roll Painting!

Okay, folks, this painting method is just about as fun as it gets! It is surprisingly low mess, sensory satisfying, and results in some beautiful products. Your 1.5+ kiddos will love this project—and babies will love to watch! Clay beads in motion Materials A shallow cardboard box with sides (the tray under our sparkling water… Continue reading Roll Painting!

Beading, Clay Play, Crafts, Sensory Play

Make Beads with Air Dry Clay

This project is so simple and meditative. Your 3+year olds will love to make their own beads from this clay. After they dry, they can be painted and strung into lovely handmade jewelry. Your little one will grow those fine motor skills (important for writing later on) by rolling beads out of clay and pressing… Continue reading Make Beads with Air Dry Clay

Drawing Play, Painting Objects

Window Drawing

Window art with Crayola window markers and masking tape This is fun and exciting art play for 2+ year olds. Even adults like to join in the process! Materials Window crayons or markers (we use Kitpas brand from Bella Luna Toys and also plain old Crayola window markers)WindowSpray bottle and rag for clean up Masking… Continue reading Window Drawing

Crafts, Paint Play, Printmaking Play

Textile Design for Littles

Designing clothing, either for a loved one or for themselves, is an empowering experience for a young person. It’s simple to facilitate this kind of art play at home, but given the permanent nature of fabric paint, I would suggest heavily supervising any of the participants who are 4 years and under. My little artist… Continue reading Textile Design for Littles

Play Dough, Sensory Play

Pizza Play Dough Invitation

Making your own high quality play dough is easy, fast and fun. This play dough invitation is great for your 3+ kiddos. Loose parts can be modified to make appropriate for 1.5+, but the littles will be doing a lot more smooshing than pretending, and a simpler invitation would be better suited to them. We’re… Continue reading Pizza Play Dough Invitation

Collage Play, Contact Paper Play, Outer Space

Rocket Design Play with Contact Paper

Contact paper is one our favorite tools to facilitate design play. It is such a fun, easy way to engage your 1.5+ year old with art. Loose parts can be modified to make this process fun for every age, theme and season. Impermanent art play is fun for everyone, but especially fantastic for budding perfectionists.… Continue reading Rocket Design Play with Contact Paper