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Encouraging Layered Artworks with Little Artists

Encouraging layered artworks for littles is a great way to: Expose your little artist to a variety of materials.Save paper (especially that spendy high quality watercolor paper).Facilitate the creation of a more “finished” looking product at the end of several child-led process art sessions, without adult interference.Teach the skill of leaving a project and coming… Continue reading Encouraging Layered Artworks with Little Artists

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Process Art Buffet

Last week, several mamas on Instagram messaged me to ask some version of, “how do I keep my under four year old engaged with process art for more than 5 minutes?!” This “Art Buffet” allows your little artist to choose and alternate between different art play, much in the same way offering food on a… Continue reading Process Art Buffet

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Geometric Shape Contact Paper Play

Contact paper is one our favorite tools to facilitate design play. It is such a fun, easy way to engage your 1+ year old with art. Loose parts can be modified to make this process fun for every age, theme and season. Impermanent art play is fun for everyone, but especially fantastic for budding perfectionists.… Continue reading Geometric Shape Contact Paper Play

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Delicious, Nutritious Edible Paint

This is a great way to differentiate for babies while big kid is using different art materials unsuitable for eating.I love snacktivities like this because it cuts my prep work in half: snack and activity, all in one! These paint snacks are made with: whole milk yogurt, chia seeds, and: turmeric, crushed freeze dried blueberries… Continue reading Delicious, Nutritious Edible Paint

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Edible Play Dough

This is a great way to differentiate for babies while your big kids are playing with big kid play dough. My favorite edible dough has just two ingredients: equal parts nut or seed butter and powdered milk. You can add more powdered milk, or even water and more powdered milk for different textures. My kids… Continue reading Edible Play Dough

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Crayonsicles and Crayonspheres

I’ve been trying to find new ways to engage my baby artist, age 13 months, in mark making. Changing the form of the crayon has been a fun new thing for her to explore. And my four year old thinks it’s fun, too! I’m sure you have as many old, broken crayons laying around as… Continue reading Crayonsicles and Crayonspheres

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Taste Safe Watercolor Painting

Usually, we do wet on wet watercolor painting with proper diluted watercolors, but since baby sister has joined in we’ve temporarily switched to taste safe paints. You can make this paint at home with two ingredients: food color and water! This process based art play is a great way for your 1-6 year old to… Continue reading Taste Safe Watercolor Painting

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Baby’s First Sensory Tray

Sensory play trays are great for ages 6months-6 years. Older kids will surely enjoy playing if there is a pretend element thrown in, like small world toys. This play tray is perfect for the youngest little artists because everything is taste safe. I have been looking forward to introducing sensory play trays to my 11… Continue reading Baby’s First Sensory Tray

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DIY Baby Sensory Bottles

You don’t have to wait until Baby is big enough to safely handle small objects to start exploring them. Reuse small plastic water bottles by filling them with interesting colors, sounds and textures to engage Baby’s senses and help them learn about our world. This DIY baby sensory set up has been hours of fun… Continue reading DIY Baby Sensory Bottles