Paint Play, Printmaking Play

Painting and Printmaking with Legos

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This process based art play is a great way for your 2-6 year old to play with printmaking and color and experiment with painting using something other than a paintbrush.


  • 3-5 different washable tempera colors on a sponge in a bowl with a bit of water or dispensed straight on paper
  • LEGO pieces
  • Big paper taped to floor or table


  1. Set up the art play invitation
  2. Model the possibilities of how to use the materials
  3. Let your child explore.

Process over Product

Art play for children is about the process, not the product. When your child is “done”, the paper could look different than you envisioned it would. Celebrate their process as it is.

I leave a project like this set up for an entire day. Mr. 4 leaves and comes back to it several times.

Don’t stop with legos! Many objects are great for paint play with children. Use what you have/what the little artist is interested in. Dinosaurs and cars also make great paintbrushes for little artists.

This project can be modified for 1-2 year olds by using a taste safe paint such as chalk paint or simply by putting food dye in something paint like and edible, like yogurt.

I hope you have time to facilitate this fun paint play invitation with your little artist soon. Enjoy!

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