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Painting with Blackberries

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I don’t think autumn process art gets any better than this! This is suitable play for any age. It is taste safe for babies and sensory satisfying for all, adults included.

Blackberries are in season in the Pacific Northwest of the US, so we brought some watercolor paper and brushes with us on our morning outdoor adventure today.

The instructions for this art play are easy:

  1. Pick (and eat)
  2. Squish (and taste)
  3. Paint!

I spend a lot of time outdoors with my kiddos, but our adventure this morning inspired me to finally join the 1000 Hours Outside challenge and begin tracking this year. I’ve heard so many positive experiences from tracking outdoor play, and I think we will join in the fun!

The great outdoors holds potential for so many simple, satisfying process art experiences. My favorite part about this one in particular is that we didn’t need to plan ahead for it much at all, and clean up was easy peasy.

Check out my Nature Play section of this site for more simple outdoor art play ideas. Enjoy!

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