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Baking Soda Clay Ornaments

This crafty process is a little fiddly, but the beautiful product and easily available ingredients is worth it. I love how the homemade clay dries into a strikingly white and surprisingly durable keepsake, reminiscent of porcelain. We have only made hand and footprint keepsakes as gifts for grandparents using this method, but you can get… Continue reading Baking Soda Clay Ornaments

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Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

This is a great process that will be sure to engage your 2+ year old artist, while providing you with hand printed (in this case, foot printed) holiday wrapping paper as a result. Materials Washable tempera paint (we used three different shades of green)Roll paperDot markers, crayons, colored pencils Helping mama set up the play… Continue reading Make Your Own Wrapping Paper