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Roll Painting!

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Okay, folks, this painting method is just about as fun as it gets! It is surprisingly low mess, sensory satisfying, and results in some beautiful products. Your 1.5+ kiddos will love this project—and babies will love to watch!

Clay beads in motion


  • A shallow cardboard box with sides (the tray under our sparkling water boxes worked perfectly)
  • Something that rolls! We used the air dry clay beads we made yesterday. You could use water beads, wooden craft beads, balls, even rolled up paper scraps.
  • Paint! Use acrylic for a permanent result like we did with our clay beads, or use tempera for a washable experience with children who can’t resist touching (the under 3 set)

The instructions for this method are simple. Just place your beads in a paint filled box and roll them around by shaking the box.

Projects like this are a great way to talk about color groupings when your little artist chooses their colors. We’ve been discussing warm vs. cool colors over the last few paint projects, and some of it is starting to click for Mr. 3.5.

I hope you have as much fun roll painting as we did! We’re going to be trying it again very soon. Have fun!

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