Collage Play, Color Play

Monochromatic and Geometric Cut Paper Collage

This art play is a fun way for your 2.5-6 year olds to explore shape and color groups through design play while working on gluing skills. 6+ year olds will certainly enjoy this collage play as well, but you’ll need to tailor the set up to their skill level. My little artist is four. I… Continue reading Monochromatic and Geometric Cut Paper Collage

Puppets, Valentine’s Day

Heart Monster Felt Puppets

Felt stick puppets are easy to make at home with whatever you have lying around. It’s a perfect way to utilize some of those assorted loose parts, and the outcome is a valuable tool for play and storytelling—a puppet! Materials Stiff feltOdds and ends from around your house (use what you have). We used: googly… Continue reading Heart Monster Felt Puppets

Collage Play, Paint Play, Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Post Cards

We always make a special card for our nearest and dearest on Valentine’s Day. We live far away from our loved ones, so it’s extra important to us that they get something special in the mail to let them know we love them. This multi day process based art play is a great way for… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Post Cards