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Baking Soda Clay Ornaments

This crafty process is a little fiddly, but the beautiful product and easily available ingredients is worth it. I love how the homemade clay dries into a strikingly white and surprisingly durable keepsake, reminiscent of porcelain. We have only made hand and footprint keepsakes as gifts for grandparents using this method, but you can get… Continue reading Baking Soda Clay Ornaments

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Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

I’ve been wanting to try this out for weeks, and I’m so happy we did. This process was FUN and it worked so well! Mixing the pigments into the clay was a process hands of many ages would enjoy. Air dry clay and ground charcoal Air dry clay and turmeric Air dry clay and paprika… Continue reading Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

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Pressed Flower Air Dry Clay Magnets

My little artist and I had the best time creating these magnets with air dry clay and pressed flowers. I dream of the day I’ll have regular, easy access to proper clay facilities, but in the meantime, air dry clay works wonders! Materials Air dry clay (you can find the kind we use on our… Continue reading Pressed Flower Air Dry Clay Magnets

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Make Beads with Air Dry Clay

This project is so simple and meditative. Your 3+year olds will love to make their own beads from this clay. After they dry, they can be painted and strung into lovely handmade jewelry. Your little one will grow those fine motor skills (important for writing later on) by rolling beads out of clay and pressing… Continue reading Make Beads with Air Dry Clay