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Magic Sensory Foam and Bubbly Bath Sand

This is the MAGIC sensory foam you didn’t know you needed, but won’t be able to live without once you try it. In its first stage of life it is a fluffy foam that grows and grows. In its final stage of life, when all the magic foam is used up, it turns into a… Continue reading Magic Sensory Foam and Bubbly Bath Sand

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Geometric Shape Contact Paper Play

Contact paper is one our favorite tools to facilitate design play. It is such a fun, easy way to engage your 1+ year old with art. Loose parts can be modified to make this process fun for every age, theme and season. Impermanent art play is fun for everyone, but especially fantastic for budding perfectionists.… Continue reading Geometric Shape Contact Paper Play

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Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

I’ve been wanting to try this out for weeks, and I’m so happy we did. This process was FUN and it worked so well! Mixing the pigments into the clay was a process hands of many ages would enjoy. Air dry clay and ground charcoal Air dry clay and turmeric Air dry clay and paprika… Continue reading Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

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Delicious, Nutritious Edible Paint

This is a great way to differentiate for babies while big kid is using different art materials unsuitable for eating.I love snacktivities like this because it cuts my prep work in half: snack and activity, all in one! These paint snacks are made with: whole milk yogurt, chia seeds, and: turmeric, crushed freeze dried blueberries… Continue reading Delicious, Nutritious Edible Paint

Art with Babies, Play Dough

Edible Play Dough

This is a great way to differentiate for babies while your big kids are playing with big kid play dough. My favorite edible dough has just two ingredients: equal parts nut or seed butter and powdered milk. You can add more powdered milk, or even water and more powdered milk for different textures. My kids… Continue reading Edible Play Dough

Nature Play, Play Dough

Mud and Sand Play Doughs

Making your own high quality play dough is easy and fun. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is a great version to start with! Mud play dough, sand play dough and blue ecoslime This play dough invitation is great for your 3+ kiddos. Loose parts can be modified to make appropriate for 1.5+. I’ve… Continue reading Mud and Sand Play Doughs

Paint Play, Printmaking Play

Painting and Printmaking with Legos

This process based art play is a great way for your 2-6 year old to play with printmaking and color and experiment with painting using something other than a paintbrush. Materials 3-5 different washable tempera colors on a sponge in a bowl with a bit of water or dispensed straight on paperLEGO piecesBig paper taped… Continue reading Painting and Printmaking with Legos