Autumn, Pure Process Play

Autumn Leaf Nature Confetti

This is an amazingly fun way to engage your 3+ year old in autumn nature play! Mr. Four loves the satisfying act of hole-punching shapes with these kid friendly hole punchers, and collecting confetti that we will use later. It is such a magical process! These have been added to our outdoor adventure bag along… Continue reading Autumn Leaf Nature Confetti

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Process Art Buffet

Last week, several mamas on Instagram messaged me to ask some version of, “how do I keep my under four year old engaged with process art for more than 5 minutes?!” This “Art Buffet” allows your little artist to choose and alternate between different art play, much in the same way offering food on a… Continue reading Process Art Buffet

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Nature Kitchen

“Cooking” with nature loose parts is a great process for your 2+ kiddos. This can be modified for the under 2 set, but they require more hands on help from their caregivers, depending on your comfort level with nature tasting. The mud kitchen is one of our favorite ways to play outside. It’s such a… Continue reading Nature Kitchen