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Encouraging Layered Artworks with Little Artists

Encouraging layered artworks for littles is a great way to: Expose your little artist to a variety of materials.Save paper (especially that spendy high quality watercolor paper).Facilitate the creation of a more “finished” looking product at the end of several child-led process art sessions, without adult interference.Teach the skill of leaving a project and coming… Continue reading Encouraging Layered Artworks with Little Artists

Paint Play, Printmaking Play

Painting and Printmaking with Legos

This process based art play is a great way for your 2-6 year old to play with printmaking and color and experiment with painting using something other than a paintbrush. Materials 3-5 different washable tempera colors on a sponge in a bowl with a bit of water or dispensed straight on paperLEGO piecesBig paper taped… Continue reading Painting and Printmaking with Legos

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DIY Baby Sensory Bottles

You don’t have to wait until Baby is big enough to safely handle small objects to start exploring them. Reuse small plastic water bottles by filling them with interesting colors, sounds and textures to engage Baby’s senses and help them learn about our world. This DIY baby sensory set up has been hours of fun… Continue reading DIY Baby Sensory Bottles