Rainbow Rice

This is a sensory activity staple in our home. There’s nothing better than sensory play with colored rice!

How to Dye Rice

Add a Tablespoon of white vinegar and some food coloring to a quart sized plastic ziplock bag, add a cup of rice (I’ve used both white and brown) close bag and shake shake shake until rice is colored. Your little helper would probably love to help you with this part!

Spread rice out on a cookie sheet to dry. It is usually ready for play in about 15 mins. When done playing, store in ziplock bag for another day.

Pink rice and pink cous cous for a Valentine’s Day sensory table
Rainbow rice shape sort sensory table

You don’t need this IKEA FLISAT table to set up sensory play. Use any old big, shallow container you have on hand. I used to use a shallow roasting pan. You can also try your hand at dying chick peas, beans, quinoa, and pasta!

Rainbow rice scoop station

Give rice dying a try. I think you’re going to love it. Have fun!

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