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Fizzy Oobleck

I happened upon this lovely, squishy, slimy recipe while trying to create a recipe for something else. It will grow, and grow, and grow as the citric acid reacts with the other ingredients. And when the reaction has slowed, you’re left with an ooblecky substance that’s fun to squish and explore. Ingredients 1 cup Corn… Continue reading Fizzy Oobleck

Color Play, Sensory Play

Aquafaba Sensory Foam

This sensory play is a fantastic option for any age, as young as 6-8 months! You don’t need this IKEA FLISAT table to explore aquafaba foam! Any bin or bowl will do. Chickpea foam, or aquafaba, is edible and easy to make using the liquid from canned garbanzo beans.To make, simply whip the liquid from… Continue reading Aquafaba Sensory Foam

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Process Art Buffet

Last week, several mamas on Instagram messaged me to ask some version of, “how do I keep my under four year old engaged with process art for more than 5 minutes?!” This “Art Buffet” allows your little artist to choose and alternate between different art play, much in the same way offering food on a… Continue reading Process Art Buffet

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Magic Sensory Foam and Bubbly Bath Sand

This is the MAGIC sensory foam you didn’t know you needed, but won’t be able to live without once you try it. In its first stage of life it is a fluffy foam that grows and grows. In its final stage of life, when all the magic foam is used up, it turns into a… Continue reading Magic Sensory Foam and Bubbly Bath Sand

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Bioplastic Colorviewers

These DIY toys are completely biodegradable. Try this easy, fun process with your 3+ year olds for a meaningful process AND fun product that encourages a fusion of STEM and art development. These colorviewers were beyond fun to make AND play with. Use them to play, to learn about color and color mixing, AND to… Continue reading Bioplastic Colorviewers

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Nature Kitchen

“Cooking” with nature loose parts is a great process for your 2+ kiddos. This can be modified for the under 2 set, but they require more hands on help from their caregivers, depending on your comfort level with nature tasting. The mud kitchen is one of our favorite ways to play outside. It’s such a… Continue reading Nature Kitchen

Art with Babies, Sensory Play

Baby’s First Sensory Tray

Sensory play trays are great for ages 6months-6 years. Older kids will surely enjoy playing if there is a pretend element thrown in, like small world toys. This play tray is perfect for the youngest little artists because everything is taste safe. I have been looking forward to introducing sensory play trays to my 11… Continue reading Baby’s First Sensory Tray