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Waldorf Window Stars

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Waldorf window stars are made from slightly translucent yet brightly colored kite paper. They are made by lower school Waldorf students around the world to brighten the home and classroom.

This meditative paper craft is a fun practice for your 5+ year old kiddos. There are countless ways to fold a Waldorf window star, and in my humble opinion, this is one of the simplest patterns for young hands to get the hang of.


  • Kite paper
  • Glue
  • Tape for adhering to the window


1.) Take out eight sheets of kite paper from the pad.

2.) Fold the first sheet in half, then in half again. Unfold the paper. It should have four even quadrants folded into it.

3.) Fold each corner in to the center of the square.

4.) Fold two edges in to each other from the bottom point to make a kite shape.

5.) Repeat this process with the other seven sheets of kite paper.

6.) With all the folded sides facing up, glue your Star together section by section so it looks like the one in the photo.

7.) Now, stick some tape to the folded side of your Star and adhere it to your favorite window.

7.) You can use your Star as decoration elsewhere in your home or classroom, or, you can make a miniature version, pin a hook through it and use it to adorn your Christmas tree.

I hope you enjoy this simple craft as much as my family does. We love decorating our home with Waldorf window stars at all times of the year, but especially during the dark weeks of Advent. Happy crafting!

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