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Raspberry Bioplastic Christmas Flowers

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that bio plastic is one of my FAVORITE magical mediums to explore with little artists. This holiday season, we gave our favorite recipe a festive spin to create a colorful pop for decorative, eco friendly bouquets and wreaths.


  • Powdered gelatin (one part to four parts boiling water)
  • Boiling water (four parts to one part powdered gelatin)
  • Freeze dried raspberries
  • Glitter
  • Sticks

If you live in a very humid climate, use a 3:1 water:gelatin ratio.


1.) Crush the freeze dried raspberries into a fine powder.

2.) Add bio glitter! You can also use spices like paprika and turmeric to give it a nice shimmer.

3.) Add one part powdered gelatin.

4.) Add four parts boiling water.

5.) Mix well!

6.) Ladle out onto your foraged sticks. The sticks must be making contact with the mixture so they fuse together when dry. The Bioplastic will peel away from the plastic surface as it dries. make sure your layers are nice and thin so they harden before mold can set in.

7.) you can add more bio glitter when the Bioplastic is all ladled out!

8.) Now, put your creations in a dry place to harden. It will take a few days, depending on your humidity levels. I like to turn them around after a day or so,so the undersides can thoroughly dry. You can also use a knife or scissors to manipulate the shapes before they are completely dry. When the Bioplastic is set completely it will look and feel exactly like plastic.

Use a clip to hold sticks down into the mixture if gravity isn’t doing the job for you.

The Bioplastic will last for years and years of kept in a dry place. When you are ready to recycle your bioplastic, don’t just throw it into your compost bin. You can pour boiling water over the bioplastic, dilute it and water your plants or garden with the nutrient dense mixture.

If you get addicted to Bioplastic creation, check out our process for suncatchers, funglasses, colorviewers and flowers.

We used these bio flowers in our biodegradable Christmas wreath this year!

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