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Make Snow Dipped Pinecones for Holiday Crafting

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This time of year I always get sad seeing all of the plastic Christmas decor for sale everywhere. Much of that waste can be created by YOU, more beautifully, sustainably and cost effectively in your own home.

Paint dipped pine cones are something you can avoid buying altogether. Our alternative, using air dry clay slip, is prettier and can replace the store bought version for all your crafting needs.


  • Air dry clay
  • Water
  • Pine cones


1.) Create a clay slip by adding water to a chunk of air dry clay and mixing it up until all the clay has dissolved into your water. You want the slip to be thick enough to stick to your pine cones, but thin enough to dip.

2.) Have fun dipping your pine cones, and let them dry.

You can’t stick a toothpick through your pine cones for an eco friendly way to attach the pine cones to other things. We used these Pinecones to make a Christmas Wreath.

I hope you enjoy this process as much as we did. Have fun!

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