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Holiday Garlands

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Holiday garlands can take many shapes and forms. We wanted to make them with dried oranges this year, but the pom poms came into play simply because they were sitting in my studio, begging to be used for something. Don’t overthink your festive garlands! Use what you have.

I set up the invitation to create for my little darlings just like this. And, like a moth to a flame, they couldn’t help but dig in!

My youngest is 2.5 and she is the perfect age for beginning this type of play. The fine motor skills and interest are there to push the large plastic needle through the pom poms and oranges, and she felt so proud of her creations after we hung them up. “Made it!” She will say as she points at her garland.


  • Large plastic needles
  • Yarn or string
  • Dried oranges
  • pom poms (or something else pretty and stringable!)


Set up the invitation to create, model the possibilities, and watch your child’s process unfold. Remember, this is about your child’s process—not yours! You can make your own adult garland with a pretty pattern alongside your child, but celebrate their process for what it is.

I hope garland making is as fun for your family or class as it is for us. Happy holidays!

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