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Biodegradable Christmas Wreath

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You can make your own beautiful wreath that is better for the environment AND your pocketbook. This is a fun craft the whole family will enjoy as you prepare your home for the holidays.



1.) First, create a wreath. The video below shows our process. We foraged fallen boughs from our yard and weaved them together, using string to help manipulate the circular shape. Once your shape is formed you can simply weave in the boughs as you go.

2.) Next, stick toothpicks into your “snow dipped” pinecones and stick them into your wreath.

3.) Do the same with your Bioplastic Christmas flowers.

4.) Next come the dried oranges! The toothpick method works great with these as well.

When the season is over, your wreath can be chucked in your organic waste bin, OR you can compost items separately, like we will in our home compost. I will dissolve the Bioplastic in hot water, dilute it and feed it to my garden. I will also cut off the woolen yarn to reuse again instead of composting. All other items will go into our home compost.

I hope you find this project as fun as we did. Happy holidays to you and your family!

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