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I love this traditional German style Adventskalender because I can tailor them to my kids’ interests, AND they are easy and fun to make. My grandmother immigrated to the US from Austria, and I love thinking about her enjoying this same style of Adventskalender on her family farm when she was a child. I made two DIY advent calendars (Adventskalender) for my kiddos this year.

Adventskalender hanging in front of the window.

This year, my kids will unwrap all sorts of small, fun things during Advent to help count down the days until Christmas: little chocolate coins, gum, old fashioned candy sticks, gnome crayons, geodes, felt play food, pocket kites, kazoos, wooden tops, art supplies and new sensory tools. You can fill your Adventskalender with anything you’d like!

There are many ways to create your own Adventskalender. I’ve seen them made with tiny gift bags clothes pinned neatly onto a string or ribbon, or wrapped in cloth or simple brown paper. I used tissue paper and yarn to make ours this year.

Simply wrap each gift in tissue paper, tie a piece of string or yarn around it, and tie it to a larger yarn or ribbon in the order of your choosing.

This is a geode being wrapped in tissue paper.

When you’re done wrapping, you can add a numbered dot sticker to each little gift so your children can count down the day until Christmas.

We replace the spaces with holiday cards as we receive them in the mail!

The advent season will be extra special this year as we embrace this tradition from our heritage. Even if your Adventskalender looks different from ours, I’m sure it will be a special and cherished by your kids.

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