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Simple Cloth Ball Toys

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This craft is perfect for adults and older children wanting to make a sweet handmade gift for a little love in their life. I made several of these for my kiddos last year for Christmas, and they are still beloved and played with almost daily a whole year later. They were so simple and cheap to make!


  • Scraps of cloth (old clothes work well)
  • Stuffing (mine came from an old throw pillow)
  • Needle and thread
  • Stiff felt, cardstock or cardboard to make pattern


  1. Cut an almond shape from a piece of stiff felt or cardboard. This will be the size of your ball panels.

2. Use your pattern to cut five identical almond shapes from pieces of scrap cloth. I used old clothing.

3. Thread your needle and turn your ball panels upside down so the inside faces up.

4. Sew your ball panels together inside out, one after the other, until they are all joined. Then, sew the last and first panels together until there is just enough space to fit your fingers through for stuffing.

5. Turn your ball outside out and stuff it. You can use some dry beans or rice at the bottom if you’d like a weighted ball for better throwing.

6. Carefully close up the last open portion of your ball and voila, it is done!

I hope you find this as simple and fun to make as I did. You can get fancy and attach fun fabric textures, streamers that fly behind the ball when it is thrown, or even eyes, ears, noses and tails. Enjoy!

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