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Gluing Made Easy

Glue practice can feel daunting to facilitate because of the mess factor.
These are my FAVORITE methods for less mess gluing practice with kids under 6.

Method #1:
Glue on a Sponge in a Bowl or Air Tight Container

Method #2: Glue in a Spill Resistant Paint Cup

Both the spill resistant paint cup (with cap) and the air tight container with a sponge/glue can be stored with your art supplies for easy access. You don’t need to set it up/clean it up every time.

The sponge method works GREAT for painting with littles as well.

Painting with dinosaurs

Method #3: Glue sticks

Glue sticks are best for 2+ artists

Taste safe glue (paste) can be made from water and flour for any little artists who like to sample their art materials.

I hope facilitating gluing projects with your little artists feels a little easier while using these methods. Happy art making!

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