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Printmaking and Painting with Loose Parts from Nature

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This process based art play is a great way for your 2-6 year old to explore texture. Loose parts from nature offer endless opportunities to experiment and create.


  • Several colors within a theme chosen with your little artist (we used an autumn palette) on sponges in bowls with a bit of water
  • Tray or bowl of loose parts from nature
  • Paper taped to wall or table


  1. Set up the art play invitation.
  2. Model the possibilities of how to use the materials.
  3. Let your child explore.

I leave a project like this set up for an entire day. Mr. Four leaves and comes back to it several times.

Process over Product

Art play for children is about the process, not the product. When your child is “done”, the paper could look different than you envisioned it would. Celebrate their process as it is.

You can differentiate for younger artists by using a taste safe paint such as chalk paint. Enjoy!

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