Autumn, Sensory Play

Fall Colored Sensory Rice

Colored rice makes for mesmerizing multi age play for 1-6 year olds. This table is dressed up with some fall colored play silks to make it a bit more festive.

You don’t need this IKEA FLISAT table to set up a sensory bin. Use any old big, shallow container you have on hand. I used to use a shallow roasting pan.

I haven’t had time to prepare complex indoor sensory play for a few weeks because my 15 month old is teething and leaping. She’s needed to keep mama close. But, a bit more effort on my part to put together a novel sensory table will help keep the kiddos calm today.

Ms. 15 months will enjoy pouring and scooping, while Mr. Four is sure to invite some toy friends to play pretend world with the rice as a backdrop.

Peruse my sensory section for more sensory filler ideas and set ups for a variety of ages. Enjoy!

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