Autumn Harvest Sensory Play

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Sensory play like this is great for 2-6 year olds. The under 2 set will surely enjoy a set up like this as well, but you’ll likely have a bit more clean up to do.

Sensory play does not have to be pretty to be fun. This set up took me about 5 minutes to throw in the IKEA FLISAT table and will make for lots of engaging multi age play this afternoon. When you set play like this up, use what you have and set it up in a way that feels easy and natural to you.

You do not need an ikea FLISAT table to create a fun sensory play set up. Any old bin, bowl, or large shallow pan with a sheet underneath to contain mess will do.

In this set up, I used leftover rainbow rice from my sensory stash, scoops and bowls from my sensory play tools stash, pine cones from out nature tray and gourds from this morning’s grocery trip.

I’ve been finding it hard to tackle the mountain of extra work on my list right now (still haven’t finished unpacking from our transition back from Minnesota), and investing 5 minutes in a fun play set up like this will guarantee me some peaceful work time this afternoon while the kiddos play independently.

I hope you find this gives you some useful tools to facilitate sensory play for your little artists soon. Enjoy!

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