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Aquafaba Sensory Foam

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This sensory play is a fantastic option for any age, as young as 6-8 months!

You don’t need this IKEA FLISAT table to explore aquafaba foam! Any bin or bowl will do.

Chickpea foam, or aquafaba, is edible and easy to make using the liquid from canned garbanzo beans.
To make, simply whip the liquid from canned chickpeas with mixer until soft peaks form.

I’ve used aquafaba to make vegan meringue, but had never used it as a sensory filler until today. With fires raging along the US west coast, making our air unsafe to breathe, we’re trying to keep being stuck indoors fun and calm.

I made this set up for Ms. 15 months, but she didn’t even want to touch it. Hopefully this won’t be the case for your little one! Mr. Four loved mixing secondary colors with the primary colored foam, though.

I hope you’re able to explore this fun sensory play with your own little ones soon. Enjoy!

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