Beading, Nature Play

Leaf Beading

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This is a fun project to do with your 2.5+ year olds. The under 3 set will surely have fun with this, but it will be MUCH more about the process of exploring the materials and needing help from an adult or older sibling to string the “beads”. There are so many ways to use nature to create a nature necklace, but I will detail the method we used this time below.


  • Tray or bowls for storing collected leaves
  • A necklace string (we used kitchen twine and a big plastic needle for little hands to practice beading)
  • Leaves (we collected these leaves from a fallen branch of a tree in our yard)


  1. Collect and set up the nature materials together
  2. Model the possibilities of how to use the materials
  3. Let your child build and explore (as long as they have the skills to bead).

There are many ways to make a nature necklace and play with beading. I hope you have time to make some nature jewelry with your little one soon. Enjoy!

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