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Coloring Air Dry Clay with Natural Pigments

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I’ve been wanting to try this out for weeks, and I’m so happy we did. This process was FUN and it worked so well! Mixing the pigments into the clay was a process hands of many ages would enjoy.

Air dry clay and ground charcoal
Air dry clay and turmeric
Air dry clay and paprika

We used turmeric, charcoal and paprika to color this clay. I would suggest working in a bit of water when you do this as these materials really dry out the clay.

Aren’t the subtle colors of these natural pigments beautiful? We found mixing the colors together created beautiful effects, as did rough mixing that left speckles of the pigment unmixed.

Our dear friends came over to enjoy this process outside with us, and we made batches of beads with the beautiful colors. Sticking the beads on wooden skewers is a great hack. I will never use another method to dry air dry clay beads!

So far our beads have held their pigment as they dry, but I am curious about the possibility of the colors changing over time.

I hope this process is as fun for you as it was for us. We will be experimenting with more natural pigments soon! Enjoy!

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