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Edible Play Dough

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This is a great way to differentiate for babies while your big kids are playing with big kid play dough.

My favorite edible dough has just two ingredients: equal parts nut or seed butter and powdered milk. You can add more powdered milk, or even water and more powdered milk for different textures. My kids think it tastes better with water in it, but the texture is better for playing without.

Throw in some edible loose parts and play dough tools and you have yourself a nutritious snacktivity that even the big kids will enjoy. We like using fresh and freeze dried berries.

Mr. Four loves making “cookies” for his baby sister with this set up. It keeps them busy and happy together for quite some time.

If you’ve never made an edible dough, this is a good one to start with! It’s tasty, nutritious and fun to play with. Enjoy!

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