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Mud and Sand Play Doughs

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Making your own high quality play dough is easy and fun. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is a great version to start with!

Mud play dough, sand play dough and blue ecoslime

This play dough invitation is great for your 3+ kiddos. Loose parts can be modified to make appropriate for 1.5+.

I’ve been getting so much inspiration from the wonderful @muddly_puddly on Instagram this month. I was inspired by her magnificent recipes to use mud and sand as add ins to my trusty play dough base (which happens to be the same as hers).

You can find the @muddly_puddly ecoslime recipe in her story highlights. It is made with just water, psyllium husk powder and food dye!


  • Mud and sand play dough
  • Blue ecoslime
  • loose parts from nature: I threw in these bioplastic “flowers” we made a few weeks ago as well as some fresh flowers and baby acorns that had fallen from our oak tree.


  1. Follow the instructions for my normal play dough base.
  2. Add 1 cup of dirt or sand to the dry mixture, sifted to remove any large rocks. You can microwave the sand or mud for a few minutes before adding if you’d like the dough to last longer.
Mud monster!

The possibilities for building using sticks and playdough is limitless! My four year old loved tinkering away with this invitation. Many more loose parts were gathered as inspiration struck.

Ms. One Year liked touching everything, but I can’t leave her to play too long with play dough and slime because she loves to eat it. I use a great edible dough for babies that works much better for kids under 1.5yrs.

Brother playing with play dough up high while sister gets edible play dough on the floor.

I hope you have time to make some mud and sand play dough soon. It is so earthy, tactile and sensory satisfying. Enjoy!

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