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Bioplastic Colorviewers

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These DIY toys are completely biodegradable. Try this easy, fun process with your 3+ year olds for a meaningful process AND fun product that encourages a fusion of STEM and art development.

These colorviewers were beyond fun to make AND play with. Use them to play, to learn about color and color mixing, AND to project colors onto a wall in a dark room by sticking a flashlight inside. We will surely enjoy using these with sensory play bins as well.

Color projection using our bioplastic colorviewer

I had a bioplastic revelation today. Minnesota is SO humid that our creations are taking longer than normal to set, so I’ve begun using 3 parts boiling water to 1 part gelatin, instead of 4 to 1. It’s working much better and our creations are setting much faster. If you live in a humid climate I suggest you do the same.


  • Gelatin powder
  • Boiling water
  • TP tubes
  • Molds (shallow plastic lids make great molds)
  • Food color
  • Paint for tube exterior (we used acrylic)


  1. Paint the TP tubes with your little artist and let them dry.
  2. Create your bioplastic mixture using one part gelatin powder to four parts boiling water (or one part to three parts if you live in a humid climate). Add any desired colors.
  3. Pour mixture out into each lid in a shallow layer and stick tubes into thickest part.
  4. Wait 24-72 hrs for your bioplastic to set. (If you live in a humid environment it will take longer, and you may need to remove from mold early to dry both sides and prevent mold.)
  5. Remove from molds and trim extra bioplastic around edges.
  6. Play, enjoy, repeat!

If you’re looking for another bioplastic craft to do with littles, try suncatchers, stained glass, Funglasses or flowers.

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