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Bioplastic Funglasses

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This is an intermediate level way to play with bioplastic. Because of a few tricky components, I would say this project is best done with your 6+ year olds. If you’re looking for a bioplastic craft to do with littles, try suncatchers, stained glass or flowers.

Since we discovered bioplastic, it has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities. This is one of the easiest, most versatile methods to create lasting artworks.


  • Gelatin powder
  • Boiling water
  • Art wire or pipe cleaners
  • Loose parts from nature
  • Molds (shallow plastic lids make great molds)
  • Thin sticks
  • Food color
Bioplastic funglasses ready to set


  1. Collect loose parts from nature with your little artist. Cut and prepare the wire that will make up the nose pieces and sides of glasses.
  2. Model how the materials can be arranged and then invite your artist to arrange their funglasses designs in the plastic lids.
  3. Create your bioplastic mixture using one part gelatin powder to four parts boiling water. Add any desired colors.
  4. Pour mixture out into each lid in a shallow layer.
  5. Carefully add in a bit of wire for the nose pieces and sides. (Sticks are too cumbersome to set in the plastic now. The wire is easier to set in the bioplastic, and can be attached to the sticks after the bioplastic sets).
  6. Wait 24-72 hrs for your bioplastic to set. (If you live in a humid environment it will take longer, and you may need to remove from mold early to dry both sides and prevent mold.)
  7. Remove from molds and attach sticks to the side wires.
  8. Wear, enjoy, repeat!
Bioplastic funglasses before attaching sticks to the side wires
Bioplastic funglasses casualty
Ready to wear and play!

They may curl and morph as they harden. You can weigh them down with something heavy if you’d like to help them stay flat.

Personally, I like how the bioplastic changes as it hardens and welcome the transformations to become part of our process.

We will be utilizing this method a lot this summer! I hope you have time to give it a try soon as well. There is so much possibility!

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