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Kinetic Leaf Snake Sculpture

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This fun and engaging nature play will keep your 3+ kiddos tinkering away outside for hours.

We used this process to build a kinetic cardboard snake a few weeks ago, and while on our morning walk today Mr. Almost Four and I were inspired to try out the same process on these flat, durable leaves. We found both green and bright red ones on our walk.

Mr. Almost Four needed a lot of help with this process using cardboard, but was free to create independently with these leaves. They are so easy and satisfying to push the paper fasteners through! And the leaves are flexible enough to play with after the animal is finished.


  • Paper fasteners
  • Fresh leaves
  • Googly eyes (optional)

Set up the materials as an invitation to create, model the possibilities of how to use the materials, and let your little artist play and create.

This kind of tinkering process is great for your little artist’s fine motor development, building resilience, the skill of planning ahead and abstract thinking.

Don’t stop with snakes! This method can be applied to create all kinds of creatures, objects and accessories. I hope you have the opportunity to try it out with your little artist soon. Enjoy!

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