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Nature Kitchen

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“Cooking” with nature loose parts is a great process for your 2+ kiddos. This can be modified for the under 2 set, but they require more hands on help from their caregivers, depending on your comfort level with nature tasting.

The mud kitchen is one of our favorite ways to play outside. It’s such a fun place to get messy and create! My little guy isn’t always in the mood for messy mud play, though, which is where water and loose bits of nature come in handy.

The outdoor kitchen is a great place for Mr. Almost Four to self direct his play and creation while satisfying his need for sensory experience. We collect interesting loose parts from nature on our walks to “cook” with.

What will he cook up today?
Soup is simmering and cupcake batter is being prepared
Nature cupcakes, anyone?

There is nothing fancy about our outdoor kitchen. We used a collection of items that were in our backyard, and gave the little guy hose access. He has a pot of dirt, a nice clay-dirt pit to dig in, a plugged planter to fill with water, a few platforms, and a variety of kitchenware from our local second hand store.

Cooking with nature is a calming process that I hope you make time to experience with your little artists soon. It never gets old! Enjoy!

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