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Baby’s First Sensory Tray

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Sensory play trays are great for ages 6months-6 years. Older kids will surely enjoy playing if there is a pretend element thrown in, like small world toys. This play tray is perfect for the youngest little artists because everything is taste safe.

I have been looking forward to introducing sensory play trays to my 11 month old since she was born. She has been showing signs of readiness, so we tried it out!

We are leaving our home for 3 months in a week, so I’m busy sorting out pantry goods and trying to use up open stuff that is set to expire. This tray is made entirely of ingredients that will spoil if I don’t find a way to use them up. Perfect for sensory play!


  • Oats
  • Coconut flour
  • Dried rainbow rice and pink cous cous for detail
  • Scoops and cups
  • A shallow tray or bin baby can access comfortably from a sitting position.

If you don’t want to be cleaning oats and coconut flour up, bring this sensory tray outdoors. If you can’t go outdoors, spread a sheet out on the ground under the tray to contain the mess. I start practicing boundary setting around mess and sensory play around 1.5years.

The flower was very easy to create, and took me all of 3-5 minutes. The result makes the play invitation more fun and inviting for little hands.

I hope you have time to explore sensory play with your baby soon. It is such a fun way to learn and grow, both for baby and baby’s caregiver. Enjoy!

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