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Pressed Flower Air Dry Clay Magnets

My little artist and I had the best time creating these magnets with air dry clay and pressed flowers.

I dream of the day I’ll have regular, easy access to proper clay facilities, but in the meantime, air dry clay works wonders!


  • Air dry clay (you can find the kind we use on our supplies list)
  • Pressed flowers
  • Mod podge
  • Magnetic strips
  • Play dough tools (optional)


Our process was simple. We:

  1. Made textured discs out of clay and pressed our dried/pressed spring flowers into them.
  2. When dry, we coated them with mod podge.
  3. We mod podged magnetic strips to the back.
  4. The coil dish pictured was made by Mr. 3.5 using the same process, and it will be used as a “treasure dish”.

These sweet magnets make lovely gifts for your nearest and dearest, or simply as souvenirs from springtime. I hope you have time to play with air dry clay soon. The possibilities are endless, and it is fun for everyone. Enjoy!

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