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Magic Potions

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I am just starting to explore the next level of process art and sensory play with my almost four year old. This set up was a BIG hit. I set this up for Mr. Almost Four while I was helping baby sister go down for a nap and he was busily invested in his potion creations for upwards of an hour.

This little guy loves to cook and bake, and potion making has a similar process, so I knew he was going to love it.


  • Interesting loose parts
  • Diluted food color, oil, glitter
  • Big bowl of water
  • Sensory scoops and pipettes
  • Jars or bottles for the potions to go in to


Set up the materials as an invitation to create, model the possibilities of how to use the materials, set age/child appropriate boundaries and watch your little artist explore their process.

You can spark creativity and enhance play by asking questions about the magical creations. What does this potion do? What is this one for? What did you put in this green one?

I originally intended to turn these into fairy jars, but the outcome of this magical process wasn’t a good fit. The little artist had too much fun making his potions, and the water wasn’t clear enough. But he sure had fun!

I hope you have a chance to try this incredible art process with your littles soon. Have fun!

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