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Window Drawing

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Window art with Crayola window markers and masking tape

This is fun and exciting art play for 2+ year olds. Even adults like to join in the process!


  • Window crayons or markers (we use Kitpas brand from Bella Luna Toys and also plain old Crayola window markers)
  • Window
  • Spray bottle and rag for clean up
  • Masking tape (optional)


  1. Set up the materials as an invitation to play.
  2. Model how to use the materials and set boundaries (do we draw on the window frames? No. Do we draw on the floor? No).
  3. Let your child explore the materials and process.
  4. When finished, invite your child to clean up their creation with a spray bottle and rag, which is just as much fun as the drawing.

Process over Product

We do a lot of window drawing. Sometimes, I create prompts. Sometimes he plays with the prompts, and sometimes his imagination takes him in a different direction. Let your child guide their own process.

I hope you can find a space to try this out with your little artists. Have fun!

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  1. When writing on windows, window markers and crayons work amazingly well. You can select window markers over crayons or vice versa, depending on your demands.

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