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Pizza Play Dough Invitation

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Making your own high quality play dough is easy, fast and fun. This play dough invitation is great for your 3+ kiddos. Loose parts can be modified to make appropriate for 1.5+, but the littles will be doing a lot more smooshing than pretending, and a simpler invitation would be better suited to them.

We’re ready to make some pizza!

We had SO much fun with this kit this week. Mr. 3.5 is very interested in cooking and baking, and this pizza play gave him lots of opportunities to practice.

Pizza lunch for two


  • Play dough in pizza themed colors (find our favorite recipe here). We used kool aid packets for scent and color this time, and some polenta to the “dough” for texture.
  • A small rolling pin
  • A toy pizza cutter
  • A pizza box (we reused this one from delivery the night before)
  • Small cookie cutters for making the toppings
  • Any loose parts or utensils you have at home that could be fun!

Set it all up as an invitation to play. I usually leave a play dough invitation out for a week with an air tight container for little hands to put playdough away between play sessions.

I usually salvage play dough after the invitation has run its course and pack it away in an airtight container until I need it again, but we are having so much fun making pizzas this week I think the colors will be all smooshed together within a few days.

I hope you give this theme a try. I bet even the big kids and grown ups will like it. Have fun!

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