Kinetic Sand Dinosaur Land

Kinetic sand is one of our favorite ways to engage in sensory play. I set up this kinetic sand dino land invitation for Mr. 3.5 and it was a hit that lasted all week!

Baby even got to play a little, but under careful supervision. As a 10 month old, she can’t help but steal a taste now and then, and I’d rather she doesn’t eat too much kinetic sand.

Involving color themes, like this cool colored Dino land, in play invitations is a good way to start color group conversations with your young artist.

You don’t need this IKEA FLISAT table to set up sensory play for your child. Use any old shallow tray or bin you have around. I used to use a big roasting pan.

I hope your child enjoys kinetic sand as much as mine do. Have fun!

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