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DIY Easter Egg Dye

No need to buy a kit this year. Blow and dye your own eggs at home for fun color play with your kiddos.


  • Eggs
  • White vinegar
  • Food color
  • Jars and spoons


  1. Hard boil or blow your eggs (I use a knife tip to chip a hole on both sides and blow the egg out over the sink manually, but you can use/buy egg blowing tools).
  2. Prepare your colors by adding as many drops of food color to as many jars of vinegar as you’d like. Your little ones will LOVE helping you create all the different colors!
  3. Color the eggs by plopping them into a jar for the desired amount of time. They will float if you’ve blown them, but you can roll them around with a spoon to try and distribute color evenly. We aren’t perfectionists over here, so we are okay with asymmetrical egg coloring. It’s about the process, after all, right?

I love letting the process take over and leave its mark on the product—especially when a three year old artist is driving.

When you are finished dying eggs, load those colored vinegar jars into a big old plastic bin with some scoops and a tray of baking soda so your little one can play with the fizzy colors!

Fizzy color explosion!

We make an egg tree with our dyed eggs every year, just as my mother and grandmother always have.

Have fun dying your eggs! Happy Easter!

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