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Paint a Birdhouse

Painting objects is a reliable way to engage your 1.5+ year old with art play. It’s a great way to practice those developing fine motor skills. Since we used acrylic paint for this birdhouse, I wouldn’t recommend it for the under 3 set.


  • Acrylic paint thinned with a bit of water
  • Brushes
  • Paint cups
  • Protective paper (opened up grocery bags work well)


  1. Invite your child to choose 3-5 colors. Set them up in paint cups.
  2. Model how to use the materials and set boundaries (this is permanent, acrylic paint)
  3. Watch your child explore the materials and process of painting an object.
  4. After the birdhouse is dry, you can hang it together! Our bird house now has a nest in it, and we take great joy in watching the residents flit in and out of their home.

You can differentiate this project for younger siblings by giving them a paintbrush and water to “paint” with.

Home Sweet Home

Have fun!

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