Bugs and Flowers Spring Rice Sensory Table

It doesn’t get much better than a rice bin for toddlers. The sensory experience of colored rice provides a perfect backdrop to play and explore within a seasonal context.

This themed rice table will be fun for your 2-6 year olds.


  • outdoor exploration loose parts
  • plastic bug figurines
  • fake flowers
  • green rice

You don’t need this IKEA FLISAT table to set up a sensory bin. Use any old big, shallow container or tray you have on hand. I used to use a roasting pan when my oldest child was a toddler.

How to Dye Rice

  1. Add a Tablespoon of white vinegar and some food coloring to a quart sized plastic ziplock bag and mix.
  2. Add two cups of white rice, close bag and shake shake shake until rice is GREEN!
  3. Lay rice out on a cookie sheet to dry. It is usually ready for play in about 15 mins.

Happy spring and have fun!

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